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Ventana Capital flourished under the leadership of Darwin Horan

Ventana Capital flourished under the leadership of Darwin Horan. Currently, the company boosts of over $150 million worth of land in Denver. This big area crosses from the Fort Collins to the Colorado Springs. Horan took a big part in numerous philanthropic activities in his communities and in other parts of Denver. He acquired additional land under contract in Colorado of $10 million. He is planning to develop this land into office, residential, and commercial buildings.Darwin Horan played a major role in providing a favorable environment for social benefits and helping the needy. By doing so, he strengthened his reputation as one of the most respected businessmen in the region. He is a devoted Christian and values his family life as he spends most of his time with his wife in Douglas County.


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More about Darwin Horan

Development of such firm is not so easy and it requires huge investment, understanding of laws as well as the ability to negotiate with contractors, landscapers and architects. But Mr. Darwin Horan very efficiently managed all this and now has twenty years of experience in land management and home building. Before holding the seat of CEO at Ventana Capital Inc., he was the manager of North and Denver Division of the Writer Homes for a couple of years.

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The prominence of Mr. Darwin Horan is worth appreciating as when it comes to real state in Colorado, his name is the first to be worth mentioned. Currently, he manages 82 acres of Hunters West development, Castle Pine Parkway and 250 acres of LagaeRanchein Colorado. He has also overseen several other projects such as Sieraa Ridge Water front and Painted Prairie. As a renowned land and property developer, Darwin Horan has more than $250 million in his portfolio of real estate with 18 subdivisions and greater than 140,000 square feet of land.

If we talk about his personality, Mr. Darwin Horan can be called as a man of spirit, vision and enthusiasm. He has considerable knowledge and remarkable business experience. His determined personality, liberal vision, hard work and unswerving passion gives him the strength to deal with his much competent rivals in business such as oho investments, Michigan realty solutions and few others. It is through his hard work and devotion that he is able to achieve such a reputable position.


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